Editorials and Webinars

Certification and regulation – why bother?

Lighting product certification and regulation ensures that products meet the relevant local, national or international regulatory standards. Globally, electrical products are required to meet strict safety, environmental and performance standards for the simple reason [...]

WEBINAR: LED Drivers Explained

In today's fast-paced and rapidly-changing LED arena selecting an LED driver in an industry marked by obscure terminology where even the experts still debate definitions and standards can be overwhelming. Selecting a LED driver can [...]

WEBINAR: Dimming LEDs 101

A webinar training session for electricians and wholesalers. Can you work out how many LED's your dimmer can support? Do you spend too much time getting LEDs & dimmers to work perfectly? Would you [...]

Inductive interference with dimmers

An inductive appliance or equipment (fan, magnetic ballast etc) can sometimes cause interference with a dimmer when it is installed in close electrical proximity to the dimmer.  The lights on a dimmer might exhibit [...]