While the rapid growth of dimmable LED technology has paved the way towards a new era of lighting, it has also increased the risk of incompatibility issues, resulting in lights flickering or malfunctioning, especially while dimming.

Below are the five questions Shuttle Lighting say are important to ask to find quality dimmers that will work with all types of lighting.

  1. Can you set the minimum and maximum brightness levels? – Flickering is often associated with low light levels but can also occur at maximum light levels.  This is often more prevalent at low supply voltages or due to a lamps design.  Be sure to select a dimmer that can be set to accommodate both the highest and lowest ends of the lamp’s spectrum.
  2. Is it compatible for multi-way dimming? – Multi-way dimming is an excellent function to offer homeowners. Traditional rotary dimmers won’t allow multi-way dimming, so use a bell press dimmer for this functionality
  3. Does it have over-temperature protection? To combat overloading or insufficient de-rating, a good dimmer will automatically reduce lamp brightness when the dimmer is getting too hot. Then once the dimmer has cooled down, it will automatically resume normal operation. This is an excellent safety feature and it’s good to explain this to home owners.
  4. Does it have short-circuit protection? – Like all quality electrical accessories, you want a dimmer with short circuit protection. If the dimmer receives a short circuit or surge due to faulty wiring or lamp failure, you want it to automatically turn off before damage to the dimmer or lamp can occur. Again, this is a feature that’s great to explain to homeowners so they feel secure and know what’s happening.
  5. Does it work well with a wide variety of loads, particularly LEDs? – To maximise flexibility and usefulness, look for a dimmer that works well with a wide variety of loads. Ensure your dimmer works well with dimmable LEDs and is tested and approved by major international LED suppliers. Even if the site isn’t using LED lighting now, they will most likely change the lamps in the future.

New generation dimmers

Shuttles new generation bell press dimmers are available in two wire with multi-way dimming options. They also have programmable maximum/minimum brightness levels and dimming level memory/function.   Additionally, the dimmers have short circuit protection and are SABS/NRCS approved, comply with EU CE, RoHS and Hazardous Materials directives, Australian SAA, RMA and C-tick requirements and ICASA mandatory requirements for conducted and radiated emissions.

Compatibility data for LED’s and dimmers

Shuttle tests hundreds of LED brands and models to make finding the best lamp and Shuttle dimmer combination easy.  Review Shuttle’s lamp and dimmer compatibility and maximum load data to find out which Shuttle dimmers and lamps work well together.