LED lamps

Finding LED lamps and dimmers that work effectively together can be challenging because not all LEDs and dimmers are created equal. Shuttle tests hundreds of LED brands and models to make finding the best lamp and Shuttle dimmer combination easy.

Review our lamps and dimmers compatibility and maximum load data to find out which Shuttle dimmers and lamps work well together.

Dimmer/LED Compatibility and Load

Halogen lamps

Some halogen lamps require a transformer to convert the current from 220V to 12V – the challenge when dimming is that not all transformers and dimmers are compatible.  We have tested a number of transformers with Shuttle Dimmers to make finding the best transformer and Shuttle dimmer combination easy.

Shuttle Trailing Edge Dimmer compatibility with electronic transformer brands and halogen lamps

Transformer Brand Transformer Model 35W Halogen Lamp 50W Halogen Lamp
Actec Mini 60 Series 2  ✔  ✔
ART Electronics ART-T3560i-E  ✔  ✔
ART Electronics Track T16E  ✔  ✔
Eurolux ET60T  ✔  ✔
Eurolux CO79  ✔  ✔
Flash ET2160  ✔  ✔
Gitronica GET 200IN/V1  ✔  ✔
Lightech Pro60VA
Lightech 9978 60VA
NVC Same as Actec
Osram ET-P 60
Osram ET-Parrot 70
Osram Halotronic HTM 70
Osram Halotronic HTM 105
Osram Halotronic HTM 150
Paragon/Belmax ET60
Philips Primaline 70
Philips Primaline 105
Philips Primaline 150
Radiant Lighting XE060 03
Relco Micro Plus 60 FPS
Relco Minihole RN1670
Seal 70D
Spectrum 1001 ET60-3
Toroidal Technologies Rhino 60
Toroidal Technologies SET60LV
Verbatim LW70
Waco Industries ET60

All tests conducted with one transformer per dimmer and one lamp per transformer

Measurements were conducted using a stabilised and isolated pure sine wave 50Hz supply

✔: 100% compatibility at all supply voltages from 185VAC to 265VAC (Dimmer factory default)