If the LED lamps are turned off at a low intensity and turned on again, there could be a lengthy time delay before the lamps turn on, some turn on and some not.   This occurs because the LED lamp is not designed to dim as low.  Set the minimum intensity of the dimmer to suite the lamp’s turn on behaviour:

  1. Dim down to lowest intensity
  2. Turn the dimmer off, wait a couple of seconds and turn on again
  3. Increase the light intensity and release the bell-press switch as soon as all the LED’s are on
  4. Now set the dimmer’s minimum intensity as follows:
    1. Press the bell-press switch 11 times (quick press, approximately 2 presses per second)
    2. If the dimmer accepts the program setting, the lamps will go to full intensity

The dimmer is now set to prevent the LED from dimming below this point. The setting is retained even after a prolonged power failure.  In some cases, it might be required to increase the intensity slightly during step 3 to ensure reliable turn on of all LED’s.