Although the dimmer did not turn off while dimming down, the LED’s, especially some MR16’s with electronic transformers, do turn off. This is once again a function of the control circuit electronics as above and/or the interaction and characteristics of the MR16/transformer combination. It was found that if the dimmer’s lowest light output level is adjusted to prevent certain electronic transformer and MR16 LED lamp combinations from turning off a low light output, other combinations of transformers and LED’s do not dim low enough, which would limit the effective dimming range. In order to address the two extremities, the dimmer’s minimum light output level was designed to allow an acceptable dynamic dimming range for most popular transformer/MR16 combinations. The disadvantage is that some combinations might turn off at low dimmer output.

Dim up and down around the point where the LED’s turn off. Then increase the light output slightly and set this level (MINDIMT) as the dimmer minimum level (11 clicks).