Select LED brand, model or rating. The minimum load is one lamp and the result columns on the right indicate the maximum number of LED’s per dimmer.

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  • All measurements are conducted at 230VAC 50Hz
  • All low voltage lamp loads INCLUDE electronic transformer or driver losses.
  • Flicker at low light intensity is sometimes unavoidable – please set the dimmer minimum dim to avoid flicker (refer to relevant dimmer data sheet)
  • Some LED’s dim to a completely off state  – please set the dimmer minimum level to avoid this condition (refer to relevant dimmer data sheet)
  • Some Low voltage lamps and transformer combinations might exhibit flicker at various light intensities or might not turn on – please set the dimmer in “MR16 compatibility mode”
  • Maximum Load applies only when:
    • Supply voltage does not exceed 230VAC
    • Dimmer is well ventilated (ambient temperature around the dimmer is below 35oC)

Disclaimer: Shuttle Lighting Control Systems (Pty) Ltd  – Lamp/driver dimmer compatibility testing

Compatibility tests are conducted by Shuttle as guidance, without responsibility for the performance of the lamps and drivers.  The results shown are based on measurements in our test laboratory. Field results may differ from test results depending on conditions at the application site. Results may vary due to variability in component choices and manufacturing processes by lamp and driver manufacturers.    

Please refer to the lamp and driver manufacturers website for specifications, installation and operating instructions