Cost Savings When Dimming LEDS

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” … energy saving is real when you dim LEDs – the more you dim, the more you save. The more you dim, the cooler the lamp operates resulting in reduced lumen depreciation as well as a longer lifetime of the LEDs driver.” Dimming LEDs in homes, offices and even warehouses is a common requirement – [...]

The electrical and dimming behaviour of LED filament lamps

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as published by the Electrical Contractors Association LED lamps were initially introduced as solid-state lighting (SSL) to provide significant energy saving combined with an increased lamp lifetime. SSL lamp technology is, however, continuously evolving and provide previously unknown lighting options to the market. The maturity of LED ‘filament’ lamp technology as an example, pushed the [...]

Video: Shuttle Master Zone Controller and Rotary Dimmer Demo

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Shuttle’s master zone controller is designed for simple individual lighting zone control with a master override to synchronise all settings.  It is the perfect solution for the hospitality and event industry where zones with varying light levels are required and the ability to synchronise all light levels is required.The master zone controller works with Shuttle [...]

Video: Shuttle DC dimmer demo

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You can conveniently adjust the brightness of your 12V DC LED bulbs and/or LED strip with this dimmer. The LED Dimmer is a bell press.  You can control the brightness by pressing the switch.  You can adjust the light to the appropriate lighting brightness in accordance with your need. Click here for the product specifications [...]

Certification and regulation – why bother?

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Lighting product certification and regulation ensures that products meet the relevant local, national or international regulatory standards. Globally, electrical products are required to meet strict safety, environmental and performance standards for the simple reason that, without such extensive precautions, they may injure or kill users. Assets, such as buildings and other possessions, are also at [...]

WEBINAR: How to select the right LED driver

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In today's fast-paced and rapidly-changing LED arena knowing how to select an LED driver in an industry marked by obscure terminology where even the experts still debate definitions and standards can be overwhelming.  Selecting a LED driver can be confusing. In this webinar you will learn about: Concepts such as the choice of constant current and [...]

WEBINAR: Dimming LEDs 101

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A webinar training session for electricians and wholesalers. Can you work out how many LED's your dimmer can support? Do you spend too much time getting LEDs & dimmers to work perfectly? Would you like to learn about getting dimmers, inverters and solar panels to work together? Do you know if you can you sign [...]

Cost savings when dimming LEDs and understanding LED dimmer ratings

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" … energy saving is real when you dim LEDs – the more you dim, the more you save. The more you dim, the cooler the lamp operates resulting in reduced lumen depreciation as well as a longer lifetime of the LEDs driver." By Dr Marthinus Smit and Tracey Steyn, Shuttle Lighting Dimming LEDs in homes, [...]

Inductive interference with dimmers

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An inductive appliance or equipment (fan, magnetic ballast etc) can sometimes cause interference with a dimmer when it is installed in close electrical proximity to the dimmer.  The lights on a dimmer might exhibit a shudder, flicker or a quick flick and in may turn off when for example an older magnetic ballast or a [...]

Shuttle’s 5-step checklist for selecting the best LED dimmer

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While the rapid growth of dimmable LED technology has paved the way towards a new era of lighting, it has also increased the risk of incompatibility issues, resulting in lights flickering or malfunctioning, especially while dimming. Below are the five questions Shuttle Lighting say are important to ask to find quality dimmers that will work [...]

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